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A 22 year old single Mom of two great kids Emma and Gabriel. I love to sew, knit, and Loom. I am on a looming kick right now lol. I made this blog because I love to share my ideas and talk to people and just have fun. I have noticed with being a single Mom it helps to have fun every now and then!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Current projects that I am working on or finished



Here are some projects I have finished and one I am still working on.
All of my projects are designed by me with the exception of the blue bag I got the pattern from

This is a toy hamack I mad emy kids with the green round KK loom

This is a bag I made out of old plastic grocery bags. I crochetted this using the open stitch and for the bottem I used the double stitch and it is a great bag.

This is the bag I used with a pattern. Se link below. I did not follow to the point. I just used the references to the rows. I changed the neele size I used but other than that I used the pattern and it was a great pattern thank you for your great pattern

This is my flatware separater I made out of plastic canvas because I could not find a single on that would fit into my drawer.

This is what I am working on now it is a crochet blanket working with open stitch.

Simple mail out box made with plastic canvas

This is well easy to figure ot what this is for lol simple made with plastic canvas

This are my slipper booties I made

This is a bag I made for my sister using the green KK round loom

My hat I made with the green KK round loom

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sure Has Been A While

Well since I was last on here and posting, I moved out with my two kids. GOt my own little studio for cheap and I am living pretty good. I have been making everything from storage containers with plastic canvas. Pouches with yarn, and reusing just about everything I can.

I even make you own laundry soap and fabric softener. I will be making homemade cleaning strays too as soon as my store bought bottle runs out. Hence the reuse lol.

But on to my kniting and crafting I have made some stuff... From headbands, purses, hampers,and a bag to hold all my kids bath toys. I could not see myself paying anymoney for a mess bag when I had so much scrap yarn to use up. I even made a toy hamic with my green KK loom. I will have pics up on Tuesday! (Got to find that stupid camera again, fell behind the bed and I cannot find it. AARRGGGG)


Monday, April 28, 2008

Latest Projects That I am working on



Ok here are the latest projects I have been working o n. The First one started off as a poncho for Emma but.. it did not fit so I gave it to Gabe to carry around and hold and sit with. But with the new puppy Max took it over. But Gabe has soo many blankets it didn ot matter.

Oh and here is a picture of the dog using the blanket.

This next project is my shawl. All I have left is the fring and flowers.

The last Project I am going to post is a start of my blanket. I am making it in panles with blocks for a patterns.

Day 8



Well we are at day 8. I have been working on soo many projects, it is the ADHD thing. My daughter is at school today but my two sisters are home driving me crazy. Oh and the dogs are playing and such they have not stopping since 10am. I am getitng tired lol. Oh and my middle sister had to chase her down the street because she was chasing the DHL guy. Then she got bit. But she had it coming. My sister is always yelling at her. My sister is soo mean to the dog. And if a person is mean to a dog then the dog is going to be mean back. But she has never bit me because I may be firm at times and tell her no. But I never lay a hand on her. Hitting a dog is just going to make them mean. So if you ask me that girl had it coming.

But anyway. I will be posting more pics of the pups and the lates projects I am working on today. So that is it for the daily update now onto the the knitting and Looming.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Pics of the new member of the family



Day 7



Well today is saturday. We finally got the puppy at 3am this morning. And he is sooo cute. And Roxi our beagle loves him too. No growling or anything like that. They just run around like two puppies. But Roxi is 2 years old now. Lol But that last 24 hours have been soooo fun. The kids are having a great time. Then only thing is my parents are not here and I have only had about three hours of sleep in the past 24 hours. But I have started two new projects and i will be posting them today on the website and on here. And I will be typing up the patterns too. Well I have to go because it is time for Gabriel;s nap and I am ready for lunch lol. TTYL


Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 6


Well I got one panel done on my stiped blanket. And will post then no later than monday afternoon. But today was just so crazy. I had to go to two doctor appointments for myself and had to bring a 3 year old and a 2 year old. Emma (3) was great. And helped me if I dropped something or was about to leave it. But Gabe was a monster the only time he was good was in the car because he was refined to a car seat. But in the end I got my glasses almost fixed (Gabe broke my frames in Feb and they ordered me new frames and I was just able to get there today. Then I find out. That the new frames were too big for my old lenses. So they needed to order new lenses for me. But she still put the old lenses in the new frames. she just warned me that they might pop out. But being that they are loose fitting I can pop them right in. I just hope I don't loose a lense if they pop out.) and my RX from mental health for the month. (I am Bipolar) But I am taking a brake from the blanket and making a glasses case on the blue KK round loom. Oh and check out my new website it has my most up to date work and a small discription. And I also enjoy making tags for emails and I offer the tags I make to put your or someone eleses name on the tag and I will email them back. And I am in the process of writing my first pattern book. A discription of the book is on the site too and an estamet of the price. And some fun games and stuff. So here is the link and will be in every post for now on.

My website: http://wildcatbgubee.tripod.com/ You will have to copy and paste the url.